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IT Problem Management
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Written by Philip L Yuson   

Problem Management Objective

  • Provide long term fixes to existing or possible incidents

Definition of Terms:

  • Problem - cause of an incident
  • Error - design flaw or malfunction
  • Known Error is created once the root cause is known

Problem Management Activities

 Problem Management

  • The first step in problem management is to detect the problem. The problem is identified through pro-active or re-active problem management. Most often, information on problems come from Incident Management
  • After the problem has been identified, the problem is logged.
  • The problem is then categorized and prioritized
  • If the problem is approved for investigation, the group responsible for the problem investigates and diagnoses the problem.
  • Once the root cause is known or a workaround is in place, a known error is raised.
  • A resolution is determined. Management may decide not to fix the problem. If the resolution is not approved, the error is updated and the problem is closed.
  • If the problem requires change, the fix goes through Change Management and Release Management.
  • Once the change has been done, the problem is closed.
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